complete your ride

Hauteworks is a tech start-up, founded by a group of tech innovators with a passion for mobility, committed to building an ecosystem of smart rides.

The central concept of our products is an intelligent mobility gear. We aim to create high-tech mobility gears that provide a higher level of reliability and safety to personal mobility users in the advancing future road scene. With our in-depth knowledge of advanced sensors, drone algorithms, and 5G networks, we intend to design communication devices that interact with autonomous vehicles and IoT infrastructure.

The advent of smart mobilities such as autonomous cars, pods, and land drones will make the road more efficient and risk-free, by connecting all transportation and removing the human factor out of the way. Cities, roads, and vehicles will become integrated into a giant 'grid'.

However, would there be room for people? Wouldn't the appearance of connected vehicles drive the cyclists and night runners off the road? We believe that progress should be balanced. If the roads are advancing, personal mobility users and people should also have the means to connect with the gird, ultimately constructing a harmonized road environment.

Hauteworks took the first step to the future road scape in 2017. Since then, the company released various ride-aid devices; Rayo, Cliq, and Daze.